Choosing Frontier FiOS internet gives you 100% fiber to the home technology at speeds that reach up to 35 Mbps and are top-rated and Gamer Certified. You’ll be able to tap into the world’s largest collection of free and rental media including TV shows, local news, movies and webisodes on and enjoy hundreds of live sports events, games and news on With free wireless equipment and no monthly equipment fees, we offer the freedom and flexibility to choose the speed you need and the price you want to pay. Find the perfect package and we’ll lock your price in for up to two years with no long term contracts. What’s holding you back?

Frontier FiOS Internet Plans

Each of our Frontier FiOS internet plans offer tons of value. We make sure that the more you buy the more you should save, so with a faster internet package will give you more of a discount. Included with these plans you’ll receive a free wireless router/modem as well as professional installation.

Simply Max: Good – 15 Mbps at $34.99/month
Simply Ultra: Better – 25 Mbps at $44.99/month
Simply Ultimate: Best – 35 Mbps at $54.99/month

Frontier FiOS Internet Secure

We understand how important it is to trust your internet provider and feel secure in knowing that your personal information is secure while online. That’s why we offer security software options – to keep your identity, computer and information safe. Choose from any of these optional add-ons.

Frontier Secure Personal Security Ultimate  – Identity protection and cover up to 3 computers against spyware, viruses and malware.
Frontier Secure Identity Protection – Frontier will monitor your privacy data and credit, and send out activity reports every month
Frontier Secure Personal Security Plus – Protect 3 computers from spyware, viruses and malware and back up all of your data online
Frontier Secure Backup & Sharing – Unlimited back up of your videos, photos and other files

Each of these protection software options offer 24/7 live technical support either over the phone or chat online.

Why Choose Frontier FiOS Internet?

Frontier FiOS Internet is not only the fastest internet available for residential use, but it’s the most affordable and most reliable. Each Frontier FiOS internet customer will have a dedicated fiber-optic line delivered directly to their home, that is never shared with surrounding users and is therefore never slow – even during peak hours of the day. If you are currently a Frontier customer with DSL, call in today and speak with a specialist about upgrading your existing plan to Frontier FiOS internet and optimize your online experience in a way you never knew was possible. Do all of your favorite tasks without wasting any time and always know that you have the flexibility and freedom to upgrade or downgrade your Frontier FiOS internet speed at any time.